Aircraft Acquisitions and Dispositions

Drafting and negotiating aircraft purchase and sale documentation and fractional aircraft ownership governing documents

One of our core services is drafting and negotiating purchase and sale documentation for a whole aircraft or a fractional aircraft program governing documents. The attorneys in the Business Aviation Group have handled thousands of such transactions. Our capabilities and services set the standard, and the breadth of our knowledge and experience outpaces the market.

We facilitate the deal, break impasses and work cooperatively with brokers/dealers and other interested parties. We have solid, established relationships with a large segment of the U.S. market brokers and dealers, lenders, management and charter companies, and others who may have a bearing on your transaction. These relationships allow for more cooperative negotiations and a higher level of trust among the various parties to the deal. The benefits can be seen in every deal.

Providing counsel in selecting an aircraft lender, broker, management/charter company and insurance company and related negotiations

We regularly assist our clients in selecting aircraft lenders, management/charter companies, brokers, and insurance agents. We also negotiate bank term sheets and loan documents, management/charter company agreements and broker agreements.

GKG Law is a member of NBAA, NAFA, NARA, HAI and many other industry trade associations. We take leading roles in these organizations, including continuous speaking and writing engagements and get to know their members in both social and educational settings. This involvement has allowed us to develop relationships with the executive leadership of the best companies in the business aviation industry.

Our clients benefit from our ability to make introductions and referrals to them of the entire "team" of resources that they will need to commence and conclude their aircraft purchase transaction and place their aircraft in operation.

Conducting business valuations and purchase/sale transactions of aviation industry companies

Unique to the GKG Law Business Aviation Group, our attorneys are heavily experienced in conducting aviation purchase and sale transactions and providing valuation consulting. With over 20 years experience in conducting mergers and acquisitions, and with strong skill sets in tax and commercial law issues, we are uniquely qualified to structure and document purchase and sale transactions.

We have provided counsel to many management and charter companies - large and small. We are adept at negotiating term sheets, conducting due diligence, and preparing and concluding negotiations on purchase and sale and all ancillary documentation. We provide business advice, not just legal services.