State Sales and Use Tax Planning

When it comes to business aircraft acquisitions, dispositions and operations, the parties to these transactions must always be cognizant of the potential application of state sales and use taxes to them. Comprehensive state sales and use tax planning is of paramount importance at the inception and throughout the life of a business aircraft  transaction. The tax attorneys in the Business Aviation Group at GKG Law have over seventy-five years combined experience analyzing the application of sales and use tax to a vast array of business aircraft transactions including aircraft purchases, sales, leases and charters.

We understand the need to address sales tax issues at the inception of a transaction in a manner that enables our clients to achieve all of their business, liability and income tax planning objectives while minimizing exposure to those taxes to the maximum extent possible. We know how to balance the vast array of competing issues that arise in the business aviation arena and offer our clients optimal finely tuned structures and planning advice in all facets of state sales and use tax planning including:

  • Creating aircraft ownership and operating structures that reduce or eliminate sales and use tax liability
  • Ensuring that aircraft ownership and operating structures comply with all applicable sales and use tax rules
  • Addressing multistate sales and use tax implications arising from the use and storage of aircraft in multiple locations
  • Advising clients regarding the sales and use tax implications of charter use of an aircraft and designing strategies to minimize sales tax exposure due to charter use of an aircraft

The Business Aviation Group at GKG Law is at the forefront of knowledge, creativity and experience in the arena of devising creative strategies to mitigate the effects of the application of sales and use tax to business aircraft ownership and operation.