Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

GKG Law's attorneys have extensive experience in all phases of bankruptcy, having represented creditors with multimillion dollar claims.  We represent clients in bankruptcy and insolvency matters, whether arising in the United States or as part of efforts to have foreign bankruptcy actions enforced in the United States.  We regularly represent creditors pursuing claims against debtors and defend creditors against collection actions based upon payments made to them by debtors in the preference period prior to a bankruptcy filing.

GKG Law is often successful in establishing that its clients have contractual, statutory or possessory liens, thus establishing them as secured creditors entitled to favorable treatment in the distribution of estate proceeds and/or payment prior to the release of goods in their possession. 

In addition to pursuing claims on behalf of creditors and defending against suits brought by debtors, the litigation attorneys at GKG Law frequently counsel clients in order to position them so as to avoid becoming creditors in bankruptcy proceedings and/or to avoid becoming the target of preference actions.

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