Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

GKG Law was founded in 1955 by George Galland and Robert Kharasch. The founders' original aim was to assemble a group of lawyers expert in legislative and regulatory issues—Washington issues—faced by businesses in the transportation industry. The firm’s attorneys therefore began by practicing before the various federal agencies involved in transportation, economics and safety, including the Interstate Commerce Commission, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Federal Maritime Commission, Maritime Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Highway Administration, and the Department of Transportation. This original focus was soon expanded to cover virtually all other agencies that have a direct or an indirect regulatory impact on transportation.

The firm’s legislative and regulatory affairs expertise quickly expanded to other areas.  GKG Law is now nationally and internationally respected in the areas of antitrust and trade regulation, business aviation, corporate, tax and commercial law, litigation, non-profit and tax-exempt trade and professional associations, and transportation, trade and logistics.