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GKG Law's attorneys appear in a variety of federal and state courts throughout the United States at both the trial and appellate level.  In addition, our litigation attorneys frequently handle arbitration and mediation proceedings, both on behalf of parties and in the role of arbitrators or mediators.  The lawyers at GKG Law also regularly appear before regulatory agencies including the Department of Transportation, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Federal Maritime Commission, the Federal Trade Commission and the Surface Transportation Board.     

The variety of civil cases GKG Law handles is diverse and encompasses a wide range of substantive issues.  These include complex contract disputes, employment actions, unfair competition, and trade secrets.  Frequently these cases involve regulated areas of the law, such as antitrust, civil RICO, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Because the firm has an international client base, we are often called upon to analyze questions involving the intersection of U.S. and foreign law and which law or laws governs a particular matter. 

GKG Law represents clients in criminal investigations and litigation, in addition to its civil litigation practice.  GKG Law’s representation in this field arises primarily in the area of white collar criminal defense.  GKG Law has extensive experience defending clients in criminal price-fixing trials and in criminal investigations instituted by the Antitrust Division of the United State Department of Justice. 

GKG Law vigorously represents its clients’ interests in litigation, whether it be a relatively simple contract dispute or a complex federal class action case.  GKG Law zealously seeks to ensure that our clients receive the best representation possible.   In so doing, we adopt strategies that protect the clients’ interests while minimizing the costs incurred.   

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