Energy and Public Utilities

GKG Law's attorneys have a keen understanding of the regulatory issues confronting shippers and oil pipelines under the Interstate Commerce Act, and were deeply involved in the development of today's regulatory structure of the oil pipeline industry as administered by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission since its creation in 1978.  Based on their expertise in public utility rate and regulatory issues, our lawyers have been in the forefront in the litigation and rulemakings that have shaped FERC's approach to administering its responsibilities in overseeing the commercial activities of oil pipelines.

Our lawyers initially served as counsel to the government in what was the largest, most significant rate case in history involving rates on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System.  Since then, the firm has represented shippers, trading companies and oil pipelines in litigation before FERC on a wide array of rate and service related issues.  In addition to participating in cases involving the reasonableness of oil pipeline rates, GKG Law has been involved in determining the propriety of market-based rates, obtaining access to pipeline service both on land and in off-shore regions of the Gulf of Mexico, and litigating various attempts by companies to foreclose competition or access to such resources.