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Intellectual Property

Modern businesses find it increasingly necessary to protect what are frequently their most valuable assets—intellectual property rights. Trade names and trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights generally reflect substantial investments of capital, time, and effort. In increasingly competitive marketplaces, businesses must move aggressively, but cautiously, to perfect and protect valuable intangible rights.

GKG Law has broad and extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property rights protection.  We assist clients in defining and establishing their intellectual property rights.  We prepare and prosecute trademark, service mark, membership mark and certification mark applications.  Additionally, we offer continuing trademark maintenance assistance to assure that renewal and statutory proof-of-use requirements are met.  We provide advice on protecting and registering copyrights for creative works and secure tests.  In this process, we aggressively work to assure maximum legal protection for our clients' rights, candidly advising them from the very beginning regarding both the strengths and weaknesses of their claims.

We assist our clients with their entitlement to earn substantial income from the controlled "sale" of their intellectual property through licensing agreements and similar arrangements.  We draft and advise on licensing and property-sharing arrangements. We draft and negotiate agreements governing the use of non-compete and confidentiality clauses and similar arrangements.

Clients frequently call on GKG Law's litigation group to defend or prosecute actions involving intellectual property rights in federal courts throughout the United States, in state courts, and before administrative agencies.  In these matters, our extensive experience in antitrust matters has proved invaluable.

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